At the core of every new Welsh Home, is a firm commitment to integrity that’s supported by our team’s expertise and an understanding that building homes is not just about efficient construction, but is about building the foundations on which families can grow and prosper.

We offer our clients premium accommodation solutions that embodies quality and incorporates innovation throughout every living space.

At Welsh Homes we believe in keeping the build process uncomplicated, professional and friendly. Our standard range of inclusions, options and choices will satisfy every desire while our Customer Service Team will allow you to relax and enjoy this exciting time in your life.


We understand a home is more than a physical structure of four walls and a roof. A home is where families are raised and memories are forever created and cherished. We don’t settle for second best and we will never expect our customers to either.

Welsh Home designs have been created by the team’s tenacity in staying true to their core values in uncompromised quality, excellence in customer service, pride in our workmanship, and guiding customers through the building process with the deepest integrity and respect.


Each member of our team is carefully selected for their unique skills, potential, and ability to contribute to the environment in which we live and work. Furthermore, we always strive to keep up to date with current trends and advancements within the order housing business and to continually develop our skills and knowledge base.

Our team of professional’s ranges from senior management with sales, workflow and building expertise combined with vast industry experience and know-how through to enthusiastic office staff and contractors who are very passionate about making a measurable impact in all we do.

This team reflects our firm’s commitment to designing and building quality, functional and beautiful family homes on budget and on time.


andrew welsh


Having excelled as professional sportsman, and now a prominent leader in his own business. Andrew has an innate ability to combine commercial marketing acumen with common-sense practical execution. With more than 15 years in leadership roles excelling at the highest levels, at times under extreme physical and mental pressure, he has developed a unique skill-set to get the very best from his team.

paul mcmahon


Paul McMahon is known across the Australian building industry for his ability to transform visionary thinking into strategic success. An accomplished General Manager and CEO, Paul found his passions within the building industry. With 15 years experience in the building industry, he has risen above and beyond the challenge of management and senior executive roles by connecting with people and getting the very best from them.

james hanley


James Hanley is a very well credentialed and experienced General Manager within the new home indusry. His background within this market spans more than 10 years which included management of a Regional based business in Bendigo for 4 years.